3D Inspection, CAD Compare, CMM Control (1/3)

 3DReshaper® Application is used by many customers as a 3D inspection software.

3DReshaper Application software implements all features you need to perform 3D inspection and dramatically reduces the time to make 3D inspection color mapping and reports:

  • Inspection features are not a separate product or module like in many other 3D inspection software or CAD compare software. All is included inside 3DReshaper Application without any additional cost to pay.
  • Using point clouds to measure geometric elements like plane, cylinder, circle, sphere, boundaries, etc… You can calculate or extract features directly from point clouds and the inspection software gives you feedbacks like standard deviation (average error), tolerance and distribution.
  • You can inspect or control a particular geometry or hole.
  • You can make the connection surfaces analysis (curvature radii and flushing distance for the automotive industry for instance.you can compare shapes and surfaces to analyse their deviation or distance
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