Due to the open standard and universal software interface our sensors can be integrated into many different measurement and automation applications.

  • Industrial machine vision for automation and inspection tasks
  • Inline quality control
  • Statistical process control
  • Shape Control (compare to golden sample)
  • Research and Development
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Scanning of design models for further CAD-processing, documentation
  • Design
  • Rapid Manufacturing
  • Food processing


  • Determination of the volume of raw diamonds
  • Shoe production: Robot guidance
  • Shape control press (necking detection)
  • 3D Coordinate measurement of hard disk enclosures
  • Identification of manufacturing errors of injection molded parts
  • Identification of defects in cutting tools
  • Coordinate measurement of blisks (air turbine blades)
  • Detection of milling defects wood processing
  • 100% control of seal lip of coffee powder containers
  • Inspection of connectors and connector pins
  • Solder joint testing on PCBs
  • Identification of leather material based on topography
  • … and many more …