SPACE Tubo – the Pipe inspection solutionSPACETubo_braccio

SPACE Tubo it’s the perfect equipment for pipe inspection with laser fork and dedicated software.

It’s based on the SPACE arm design, is a portable articulated arm CMM ideal for quick and accurate inspection of pipes and any other parts within its range.

The result of more than 25 years of experience in production of portable measurement arms.

SPACE Tubo is available in several size: from 1.8m to 5.0m diameter range, and in 6 or 7 axis configuration.

The counter-balance system with a double spring also gives the machine characteristics of precision light-weight and easy handling.

It’s the top of reliability, accuracy, and flexibility in use.

Touch trigger probe, “floating” probe, laser scanners and laser forks can be quickly interchanged thanks to a highprecision mount.

It has some unique features like the magnetic brake, or the smart the sensitive “floating” probe.



SPACETubo_braccio_2 SPACETubo_Tavolo SPACE-TUBO


SPACE Tubo Measuring
with Laser
SPACE Tubo (6 axes arms) – all values in mm – *=2 sigma error
SPACE 1.8 Tubo 1800 0,056 0,025 0,020 7,9
SPACE 2.5 Tubo 2500 0,063 0,036 0,028 8,4
SPACE 3.2 Tubo 3200 0,072 0,045 0,035 8,8
SPACE 4.0 Tubo 4000 0,099 0,060 0,045 9,5

Software 3DTubeSoft

Measurement by laser fork or probe:

  • of straight tubes
  • of bent tubes measuring just the straight lengths
  • of bends (survey the bending radius)
  • of consecutive bends (absence of straight length between one bend and the other one, also called bend-to-bend)
  • of scaled tube
  • of secondary tubes welded to the main tube
  • of RCV (variable radius bend) tubes
  • of tubes having non circular section (profiles)

Possibility to change tube diameter during the measuring procedure

Comparison and correction:

  • Comparison and correction (classic mode) linked to the CNC
  • Spring-back correction (20 –120)
  • Alignment: possibility to obtain the data of the measured tube regarding (aligned) a master tube that is already in memory, to an external reference or to a drawing (manual and automatic procedure).
  • Creation of material archive for the spring-back compensation to apply to the bending program.


  • Creation of Tubes and Masters archives
  • Automatic research in archive
  • Creation, modification and printing of models in:
    • Cartesian coordinates
    • Polar coordinates
    • Double Cartesian coordinates

Data Transmission:

  • Export via ethernet, via serial line RS232

Electronic Gauge:

  • Graphic representation of the measured tube
  • Graphic overlap of a tube on its master (flanges/holes/small pipes included)
  • Manual and automatic positioning of the tube inside the Gauge
  • Data regarding the axial and radial shifting of:
    • Beginning point of a tract
    • Middle point of a tract
    • Ending point of a tract
    • Middle point of a curve (this for each program = tract + curve)
    • Flanges, holes, small pipes
  • Setup of Gauge’s tolerances for each of the above mentioned points with graphic visualisation of the stated tolerances
  • Rotation, shifting, and dynamic zoom
  • Printing of the graph and of the obtained data
  • RCV Tubes:
    • Measurement of tubes having non constant bending radius and variable rotation along the bend without straight lengths.
    • Measurement RCV mixed with parts having variable bending radius and parts having constant bending radius
    • Setting of RCV and RCV mixed tubes from file
    • Automatic correction of the bending program for RCV and RCV mixed tubes
  • Measurement of tubes having non circular section (profiles)
  • Automatic correction of the bending program


Ideal accessory for the rapid measurement without direct contact with the pipe.

5 forks size are available (mm):
30,  50,  80,  150,  200

The smaller forks feature with a laser pointer to spot small pipes during the measure.
Pipes from 2mm to 180mm of diameter can be measured with the use of laser forks, larger diameters can be measured with the touch probe.

forcella30  forcella30S_SfondoBianco  forcella50_SfondoBianco   forcella80_SfondoBianco  forcella150