Software solutions of PreciTrack3D provide alignment methods for prismatic parts as well as freeform surfaces. The user can create alignments using geometric features, CAD surface, edge points or a combination, depending on the job requirement. If subsequent measurement results uncover problem areas, it improves alignment using a variety of best fit strategies. Multiple alignments can create independent verification areas or components within an assembly.

All mainstream CAD formats can be used which provide maximum flexibility to work with the data from the customers or the suppliers. A powerful CAD file manager allows to manage complex-layered parts, create assemblies from multiple CAD models and easily extract nominal data from geometric features.

Color-coordinated graphical displays of measured deviations and errors in the part allow to see at a glance whether measured points and features are within tolerance. This makes measurement results easy to understand and allows users to get graphical reports with a single click. Color-coded surface inspection provides real-time feedback about comparison to the CAD model. This feedback on each measured point, consequently improves decision making and minimizes waste of time during measurement.