Product Overview

The Preci3D SCAN is an arm free 3D scanning system. Preci3D SCAN delivers a pointcloud directly in 3D without doing extra work like spraying or sticking targets on the part. Active emitters are already placed on the line scanner which gives 3D position directly in tracker base.

The Preci3D SCAN needs no preparation time before scanning. It is factory calibrated and does not need daily calibration. An optional, easy to use tool is also provided along with the Preci3D SCAN on user request to check the scanning quality and to calibrate if higher accuracies are needed.

It can scan parts as big as 3m without extra targets.

    • Reverse engineering
    • Quality Control
    • Automation, etc.


Resolution X -axis 1280 points/profile
Linearity 1) +/- 0.160% FSO
Start | End Measurment Range Z : 70 mm | 120 mm
X : 42 mm | 58 mm
Extended Range Start | End Measurment Range Z : 65 mm | 125 mm
X : 40 mm | 60 mm
Mid Measurment Range Z : 95 mm
Laser Class 1) 2M (Default)
2) 3R(Optional)
Light Source 405nm@ Blue
Speed Up To 200 Hz
Aperture angle Laser Line 25°
Surface White to Black
Dull to Shiny Surface
Software Interface 3D Reshaper | Geomagic | Power Inspect | Point Master | PolyWorks
Pc Interface Ethernet
Working Temperature Range > 16 °c to < 35 °c
Transport Specially Designed Protective Case
*Standard Measuring Range