Product Overview

PRECI 3D GUN is a multi-face and light weight touch measurement tool for PRECI 3D TRACK system. It is ergonomically designed tool to fit most of the measurement tasks. It has active emitters on its all three faces which gives the user more degrees of freedom.

PRECI 3D GUN comes factory calibrated and it doesn’t need daily calibration. An optional, easy to use tool is also provided along with the PRECI 3D GUN on user request to check the scanning quality and to calibrate by self if higher accuracies are needed. This tool communicates with the camera using radio frequency and emitters work on infrared.


Taktil measurement of parts

Mobile and flexible measurement

Quality control of Robot Carriers, industrial parts, Automotive parts, etc.



IR Sensors 18 OGM*
Communication WireLess (RF)
Faces 3 (Auto Select)
Tip M5 Ruby Ball & Sharp Tip
Buttons 2 Ergonomic Buttons(3 Max.)
Power Compact Mobile Charger
Working Time >6hr when fully charged
Calibration Only Factory Calibration (User Calibration Correction Module Avaiable)*
Transport Specially Designed Protective Case
Add On Module Infrared Fork (Especially For Tube Inspection)