Product Overview

The PRECI 3D CONFOCAL is an extraordinary sensor that, combined with the PRECI 3D TRACK, measures transparent objects like glass along with its thickness. It gives the same point in 3D and can be handled by robot. It makes the system completely automatic.

It measures up to 0.1mm in 3m volume.


Quality Control


Reverse Engineering



Linearity(Displacement Measurement) 1D – Up to 7.5(2)μM(2σ)*
2D – Up to 60μM(2σ)*
Linearity(Thickness Measurement) 1D – Up to 16μM(2σ)*
2D – Up to 70μM(2σ)*>
Start of Measurement Range 100mm
Measurment Range 30mm
Resoultion 180mm
Spot Diameter 50μM
Max Tilt* ±9°
Speed Ca. 150hz(Single Point @ ca. < 7 mSec)
Weight 780
Software Interface Power Inspect | Geomagic
PC Interface Ethernet | USB(2.0 | 3.0 )
Poly Preci Trackers 0.Master – I. Slave – 2.Slave – 3.Slave …n
(For Complex & Big Sized Parts)
Working Temperature 16°c to < 35 °c
Transport Specially Designed Case