Product Overview

PRECI 3D ROBOGUN is a revolutionary product for robot path planning and real time teaching.

Tracking a robot is really a complex job and need hours of programming to teach a simple path. The motivation behind developing this revolutionary product was to make this task simple for users.

One needs to align the tracker to the robot base by measuring few points and move the ROBOGUN freely in the hand. Robot follows the same path after checking itself for singularities and collisions (Need simulation software.)


Robot Path Programming

Complex tasks like welding, milling and measuring can be easily taught within 0.1mm of accuracy.



IR Sensors 20 OGM
Communication WireLess(RF)
Faces 8  (Auto Select)
Tip Robot Welding- Torch Connection & M5 Ruby Ball & Sharp Tip
Buttons 7 Ergonomic Buttons
Power Compact Mobile Charger
Working Time >5hr when fully charged
Calibration Only Factory Calibration (User Calibration Correction Module Avaiable)*
Software Mercator – Sikora GMBH
SKM DCAM – SKM Informmatik
Transport Specially Designed Protective Case
Add On Module Robot Welding Torch